Vortech provides specialised equipment and associated back of house services to a wide range of businesses in the food retail, food production and hospitality sectors in South Africa.

We exist to support our clients’ operations by helping them extract the maximum out of costly resources and by helping them ensure a clean and hygienic food preparation environment that is conducive to delivering the best possible products to their clients in turn.

On whatever level we engage, our customers can be confident that they have found a partner that they can trust and rely on.

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All the equipment we offer uses best-in-class technology

Our soak tanks use modern insulation materials that reduce electricity consumption by up to 80%
Our cooking oil filtration systems can operate at 200°C and get the job done in less than 5 minutes
Our grease trap vacuum tanks allow us to separate the FOGS and grey water
Our ozone generators use patented technology to ensure that the is effectively dissolved into water


Specialised equipment that is fundamental to operations must be well maintained and chemical replenishment, particle filter replacements and cleaning services must be delivered without fail. Moreover, proper utilisation by on-site staff is vital.

That’s why Vortech’s support services follow industry best practices and include regular onsite training so that our clients can get the maximum benefit out of their soak tanks, oil filtration machines, grease traps and ozone generators.


In an ever more demanding world, we are all expected to assume responsibility for our consumption, output and waste.

In terms of our environmental impact;
Vortech’s insulated soak tanks reduce electricity consumption by 80%,
the decarbonising and cleaning chemicals we use are HACCP compliant, environmentally friendly and sustainable,
the use of soak tanks and Arc Aqua ozone generators naturally reduce water consumption,
VITO oil filtration systems reduce cooking oil consumption by up to 50%,
and our fat trap treatments and disposal of FOGS to accredited composting facilities ensure water systems are not contaminated.

On whatever level we engage, our customers can be confident that they have found a partner that they can trust and rely on.

Soak Tanks Services

Vortech’s insulated soak tanks use a combination of heat and proprietary,
environmentally friendly chemicals to remove stubborn, burnt on carbon, sticky
fats, oils and greases from commercial kitchen equipment.

Pots, pans and baking equipment that have become blackened with burnt on food are soaked in our fully insulated Thermotanks® over night or while your team continue with other important tasks. With tens of thousands of soak tank services under our belts, we have certainly learnt a thing or two, and in 2022 Vortech launched its second generation of insulated soak tanks that offer clients several benefits.

Based on the number of insulated soak tanks already installed by the start of
2023, we estimate that Vortech helps its clients save a collective 2.5 million kwh
of electricity per month.
Vortech Thermotank Mini

cooking oil filtration services

VITO Oil Filtration Machines are easy to use high-tech systems.
In just 4.5 minutes, clients can easily and safely fully filter hot cooking oil – thereby doubling its useful life, improving food quality and instantly reducing costs.

In order to help our clients extract maximum use out of the machine, we’ll deliver the right number of particle filters every month, monitor machine usage and ensure daily filtration protocols are followed. We will also check over the machine once a month, clean it and provide added training if necessary.

Grease Trap Services

Our internal grease trap (fat trap) services include vacuum pumping, cleaning and degreasing. In addition, inlet and outlet pipes are jetted and traps and floor drains are treated with a dose of slow-release, bio-remediation organic microbes that will assist with the breakdown of FOGS and help reduce drain blockages.

External grease traps are only vacuum pumped.

All the FOGS and wastewater removed from our clients’ grease traps are disposed of at carefully vetted sites and in a manner that is not harmful to the environment. For extra piece of mind and to meet compliance requirements of municipal bylaws, Vortech provides disposal certificates and service reports with each monthly service.

Grease trap bioremediation is the processes whereby SABS-approved beneficial bacteria and enzymes are introduced into the fat traps to permanently break down fats into carbon, water, and oxygen.
grease trap services for internal and external grease traps

Surface sanitising & Shelf-life extension

We provide easy to use Arc Aqua ® ozone generators that sanitize and kill 99.9% of all surface bacteria found on counters, cutting boards and prep utensils. Ozonated water is also used to rinse perishables such as fruit veg and protein and can extend shelf-life by up to 80%.
ArcAqua tap mounted system


SABS-approved cleaning agent that used beneficial bacteria and enzymes to permanently break down fats into carbon, water, and oxygen.
Eco Flush Bioremediation Agent

Full trolley cleaning service

Oven trollies are a constant challenge for many of our bakery clients. To solve this problem, Vortech has specialised soak tanks built specifically for oven trollies.
Vortech Trolley Tank


Pots, pans and baking equipment that have become blackened with burnt on food


Cutting boards, prep surfaces and utensils that need to be constantly sterilized


Reduce stock spoilage and improve the quality of Proteins, Fruit & Veg


Drains, fat traps and floors that need to be cleared on fats, oils and greases

Our clients include hotels, restaurants and corporate canteens as well as food manufacturers,
bakeries and food retailers.