One of the biggest challenges facing your business today is keeping your catering equipment free of carbon and grease whilst simultaneously controlling your labour, chemical and electrical costs. Added to which, you face the ever increasing costs of compliance with HACCP regulations.

The Thermotank ® ensures that your equipment comes out absolutely clean, whilst reducing your carbon footprint and electricity consumption.

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Cleaning solutions for bakery trolleys used in walk in ovens


  • Using new methods and deploying the right technology means soaking is the most effective way to remove carbon build up
  • Soaking is safe, saves time and saves money
  • All of our tanks are fully insulated, meaning clients save approximately 75% to 80% of the normal electrical running costs of a unit.
  • Our chemical solution is SABS approved, HACCP compliant and bio-degradable.
  • Our tanks come in a variety of sizes – just ask one of technical advisers which is best for your environment.
  • With an operating temperature of above 80 degrees Celsius, 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses are eliminated during soaking.
soak tank in use

To accommodate a range of establishments of different sizes and throughput, we offer 6 sizes of soak tank. Explore the range below to see which tank would best suit your needs. If you are still unsure, make contact with us to discuss your requirements.


Soak tanks are used in commercial kitchens throughout the world as the preferred method to remove stubborn, burnt-on carbon from pots, pans, bread
straps, trays and any other steel cooking and catering equipment.

Dirty equipment is simply soaked in a heated decarbonising solution for a number of hours and then rinsed before being put back in use. The water (chemical solution) can be re-used many times and is usually only replaced every 30 days.

The combination of heat (80 degrees Celsius) and environmentally friendly chemicals easily remove the black carbon and fat residues that are almost
impossible to remove using conventional scouring sponges and manual scrubbing.

With our monthly services and staff training, soak tanks offer our clients the opportunity to free up their valuable staff, save water and cleaning consumables and protect expensive equipment from the damage caused by mechanical scraping.

Soak tanks can also be used to clean extraction filters and decarbonise gas rings (burners). Vortech even offers an extra-large tank for cleaning oven trolleys that bakeries and supermarkets use in commercial ovens.

For most of our clients, soaking is done every day meaning having an insulated Vortech soak tank (Thermotank) on site is the most practical and cost-effective approach.

When selecting the right insulated soak tank from Vortech’s range, we work together with our clients to assess the level of throughput or production, the size
and shape of the equipment to be cleaned and space available to place the soak tank. To find out which of our insulated soak tanks best meets your needs, please read below or contact our offices to arrange an obligation free on-site assessment.

Alternatively, for those clients where a 24/7 on site solution is too much or not enough, Vortech offers off-site soak tank services. Please send us a brief enquiry and we will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Our Thermotank ® range incorporates a thick layer of industrial grade insulation material held between 2 stainless steel skins.

This means;

  • Less heat radiates into the kitchen
  • Electricity consumption is reduced by 80% when compared to non-insulated
  • Our soak tanks provide hotter and more consistent cleaning temperatures that
    result in quicker and more effective decarbonising of kitchen and bakery


Our first step is a site visit to establish what your needs are, what tank size best suits your operations and where it should be placed.

We deliver our tanks to your premises, install and fill the units with our proprietary solution, put up our notices and train your staff.

We return once a month to drain and clean the tank, replenish it with our HACCP
compliant and bio-degradable chemical and check that the electrical components are functioning properly.

We regularly retrain your staff and make sure that any new staff members are familiar with our tanks and the benefits of soaking. We offer a 48hour turnaround
on any electrical repairs.

soak tank in use

soak tank in use

To accommodate a range of establishments of different sizes and throughput, we offer 6 sizes of soak tank. Explore the range below to see which tank would best suit your needs. If you are still unsure, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Vortech Thermotank Mini

Vortech Thermotank Mini

Ideal for Coffee Shops & Small Restaurants
120lt Soaking Volume

  • Fryer Baskets
  • Baine Marie Inserts
  • Grill Grids & Gas Rings
  • Medium Pots & Pans
  • Extraction Filters
  • Roasting trays

Depth: 440mm
Height: 775mm

Vortech Thermotank Maxi

Vortech Thermotank Maxi

Ideal for Most Restaurants & Small Supermarkets
230lt Soaking Volume

  • Oil Drums
  • Multiple roasting dishes
  • Grilling Grids & Gas Rings
  • All Types of Fryer Baskets
  • Large Stock pots & Pans
  • Extraction Filters

Width: 980mm
Depth: 660mm
Height: 800mm

Vortech Thermotank Midi

Vortech Thermotank Midi

Ideal for Restaurants & Bakeries with Space Constraints
200lt Soaking Volume

  • Bread Straps [B04 or less]
  • Rotisserie Chicken Racks
  • Baking Trays [up to 750mm x 450mm]
  • Medium Pots & Pans
  • Extraction Filters
  • Roasting Trays

Width: 1060mm
Depth: 510mm
Height: 800mm

Vortech Thermotank Super Midi

Vortech Thermotank Super Midi

Ideal for Local Supermarkets & Bakeries
325lt Soaking Volume

  • Bread Straps [B05 or less]
  • Large Stock Pots & Pans
  • All Frying & Grilling Equipment
  • Baking Trays [up to 800mm x 600mm]
  • Roasting & Serving Dishes
  • Extraction Filters

Width: 1080mm
Depth: 620mm
Height: 1000mm

Vortech Thermotank Jumbo


Ideal for Large Supermarkets, Food Producers & Corporate Canteens
355lt Soaking Volume

  • Bun & Roll Pans
  • Every Bread Strap
  • All Baking Equipment & Utensils
  • Baking Trays [up to 800mm x 600mm]
  • Food Tray & Transport Crates
  • Extraction Filters

Width: 1080mm
Depth: 740mm
Height: 1000mm

Vortech Trolley Tank


XXXlt Soaking Volume

  • All Catering Equipment

Width: ?mm
Depth: ?mm
Height: ?mm


Oven trollies (Bakery trollies) are a constant challenge for many of our bakery clients. To solve this problem, Vortech has specialised soak tanks built specifically for bakery trolleys.

We collect, clean, and deliver back to your premises.


Cleaning oven trolleys (bakery trolley) is one of those awkward, time-consuming tasks that all our clients really hate. And because the trolleys don’t come into direct contact with food, removing the burnt-on carbon is often ignored or delayed for as long as possible.

As a result, and this often coincides with some form or hygiene audit or health inspection, when trolleys are finally cleaned many services providers rely on dangerous and environmentally damaging caustic-based cleaning agents.

To address this need, Vortech has developed an extra-large insulated soak tank specifically designed to hold oven trolleys of various sizes. For large food producers, we deploy these tanks at site whilst for other clients, such as food retailers with inhouse bakeries, we offer off-site soaking services.

With the introduction of this off-site service, our clients can either bring their trolleys to our premises or ask for collection. Each trolley is then soaked for a minimum of 12 hours, possibly longer if needed, and the entire batch can then be collected or delivered once all are ready

Vortech Trolley Tank


Our off-site services are a budget friendly option for smaller clients with low volumes or suit clients that are looking for added short-term soaking capacity while they engage in deep clean programs as part of their food safety audits and inspection processes.

We offer services in all provinces of South Africa.


Off-site soaking clients can either bring their equipment to our premises or ask for collection.

Each clients’ equipment is locked into its own cage and processed separately to ensure that we avoid confusion and mix-ups.

Vortech will soak your equipment overnight for collection or delivery the following day.

This is a premium service and must be booked in advance.