For soak tanks to work effectively, the chemical solution used to break down the carbon bonds and remove the burnt carbon and FOGs must be heated to 80 degrees Celsius and remain at that temperature at all times.

Efficiency Comparison: Insulated vs. Non-Insulated Soak Tank

At these high temperatures, non-insulated soak tanks rapidly lose heat which in turn means the electric element is almost always on and drawing full power 24/7. By contrast, properly designed and applied insulation materials can reduce electricity consumption by over 80% when compared to un-insulated alternatives.

Vortech regularly tests these claims but conducting 2-week long field trials during which we use an electricity consumption testing meter to record the electricity consumption of the two tanks that we are comparing.

During week 1, the device electronically records the electricity consumption of the un-insulated tank and then in week 2, the same device records the electricity consumption of Vortech’s insulated Thermotank.

The chart below summarises the comparison.