Fats, oils and greases (FOGs) are an inevitable part of food manufacture and food preparation.
In most instances, and as required by law, establishments capture these FOGs in grease traps before they can enter the municipal waste water system.

As part of maintaining this environment, Vortech offers two types of service; grease trap clearing and maintenance and bio-remediation
treatments to help keep drains and grease traps clear between service intervals.


Vortech offers regular clearing and maintenance services for internal and external grease traps.

Once a month our teams arrive at client sites, skim off the congealed FOGs and remove the dissolved fats before cleaning the tanks.

Congealed and dissolved FOGs are removed from site and disposed of at carefully vetted recyclers that process these waste streams in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our monthly services include regular staff training, including instruction of daily waste basket clearing, and monthly reporting.

Emergency services are also available, including clearing associated drain blockages.

The primary challenges for many of our clients are;

  • Managing FOG levels in the grease traps between collections
  • Dealing with the drain blockages and bad odours that result when FOGs Congeal and solidify in internal pipework and grease traps (fat traps)
  • The expense of grease trap servicing and FOG disposal

By regularly dosing sinks, drains and grease traps with Eco-Flush, beneficial bacteria go to work and breakdown the FOGS into water, carbon and oxygen.

The dissolved elements are then harmlessly carried away in the waste water system, without damage to equipment, pipework or the environment.

This means Fewer blockages, fewer expensive call outs, less bad odour and better hygiene standards. PLUS the avoidance of municipal fines!


Over a period of a few weeks, FOGS build up in the grease traps and unless they are regularly treated or emptied the accumulated FOGS are a risk to hygiene, result in drain blockages and cause bad odours.

  • Certified as safe to use in food processing environments
  • 100% natural and environmentally friendly
  • Reduces blockages and expensive call-outs and repairs
  • Improves hygiene and reduces odours that affect front-of-house
  • Reduce (possibly even eliminate) grease trap pumping


  • Eco-Flush is safe to use in direct food contact applications, is non-toxic and safe to touch
  • Simply add cold/lukewarm water to dilute and then rinse away
  • Drains and grease trap dosing are best done daily and at the end of shift
  • Care should be taken to avoid introducing harsh chemical agents (especially floor cleaner) immediately after dosing
  • Overflowing grease traps will allow FOGS to enter the municipal waste water system and can be detected by monitoring COD and BOD levels
  • High COD and BOD levels impact waste water treatment plants and cause damage to the environment
  • Non-compliance with municipal by-laws can result in significant fines