In food preparation areas, surfaces such as counter-tops, chopping boards and cutting knives can [where inadequate sanitisation has allowed an often invisible biofilm to multiply], enable harmful bacteria to transfer to foods, crockery and cutlery and in turn to consumers.

By rinsing washed surfaces using ‘ozonised’ water, kitchens can ensure the highest hygiene standards and adequately protect their clients and staff.



Our Overhead System (OH3) can be installed anywhere in the prep area and the nozzle is suspended by a ‘slinky hose’ above the cleaning station. This allows users a wider arc of movement and is suitable for higher volumes.

  • Effectively sanitise work surfaces
  • Protect customers & patrons from harmful bacteria
  • Environmentally friendly

Ozone sanitisation is highly effective in killing 99.9%

of all bacteria instantly, on contact. In simple terms, ozone, a molecule made up of 3 oxygen atoms (O₃), is very unstable and really wants to exist as in a two atom form (O₂) or as something else. Oxidation (the attachment of the extra O atoms to another atom or element) alters other molecules – and in the case of viruses and bacteria, kills them.



We would recommend this system for Hotels and busy restaurants where time is of the essence and customer safety is paramount.

The traffic of produce, goods and people in and out of kitchens makes the presence of bacteria and viruses inevitable in these areas. Moreover, the warm and damp conditions typical in busy kitchens are the ideal breeding grounds for harmful pathogens and keeping this under control is a constant and critical challenge.

ArcAqua’s patented technology uses the physics of adsorption to safely harness the power of ozone gas.  The result is a zero-residue sanitizer that significantly  outperforms chemical alternatives.

The advantage of ArcAqua’s patented system is its ability to effectively disburse O₃ molecules in the gaps between millions of tiny water droplets – meaning that every drop of water used is packed with ozone and everything it touches is sanitized.